Expanding a Product Agency's Brand Story Through Illustrations

Aerolab is one the most renowned Product Design agencies in Argentina. Collaboration and creativity are at the core of what they do and, when they launched their new website, they invited us to collaborate with other illustrators and animators to bring their logo to life with a mix of Illustration and Motion Design.

Aerolab's logo and one of the first sketches

The complete hero video. Featuring our work alongside of other visual artists'.

Communicate the company's values through illustration and animation
Diversity, collaboration, adaptability, creativity. What better way to convey all of that than gathering a team of diverse people to collaboratively create worlds that merge into each other? To live up to Aerolab's values, we pushed ourselves to find the most creative and beautiful environments we could come up with. 

Early sketches for the "portal" concept.

The Results
Aerolab's team members were very happy about the two worlds we created for their homepage. The images have been reused as social media posts and brand merch, showing that we were able to meet their expectations, represent their brand values and add a bit of magic to the company's storytelling. 

Juan Ignacio Scocozza
Sofia Salazar

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