Helping an academy to make User Experience knowledge more accesible to Spanish speaking students.

When the pandemic started and almost every activity moved to the digital realm, Nnido decided to create a series of online courses aimed at a Spanish speaking audience to allow them to take their first steps into an industry traditionally dominated by English. We helped them create their intro video and other Motion materials.
We started by defining the concepts that they wanted to communicate and made sketches of how to represent them.

Then translated each of those sketches into styleframes.

Once we had agreed on a ruleset for their motion graphic materiales, the final touch was to animate their logo.

The Results
We helped Nnido to unify their course offer under a consistent and visually appealing animated system. Matching beautifully crafted intros and transitions with their high-quality content resulted in an elevated perception of their brand: an academy that pays attention to detail and will deliver carefully curated content to its students.

Motion Graphics, Illustration.  
Wanda Arca.

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