Helping a Development Agency Showcase Their Best Projects with a Video Reel

Rootstrap was born as a dev shop, offering staff augmentation services to other companies that needed to grow their Engineering team. After the company's rapid growth, they decided to expand their service roster to include Product Design and Strategy, but were struggling to show this transition to potential clients. Rootstrap was designing amazing products, but their portfolio didn't show that. We proposed their marketing team to compile their best design projects into a video reel.

Rootstrap wanted to be perceived as a bold and modern agency, but their work grid was still showing outdated projects

The story board we created after selecting the projects. We moved on from their use of pastels to a combination of black backgrounds and vibrant colors to show them as they perceived themselves: skilled, bold and innovative.

Unused Visual Explorations

The Results
Rootstrap wanted to stop being perceived as a development-only agency. The video reel is now one of their main pieces of marketing and gives potential clients a quick and impactful sample of the company's design skills.
But here's another really important outcome: Rootstrap's members say that the video makes them feel proud of the company and their teammates.
Yep! We're all about design driving result and creating a sense of community.

Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Illustration.
Wanda Arca, Marina Glikman, Sofia Salazar.

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