Helping a software development and design agency to revamp its brand and reach their ideal customers
Rootstrap is a software development and Product Design agency named one of America's Fastest Growing Companies by Inc. and The Financial Times.

It was born after the merge of two companies and, as a result, its brand identity was scattered through different design attempts they had conducted over the years.

Rootstrap's major challenge was to stop being perceived as just a software factory or staff augmentation firm. With the creation of their Strategy and Product Design departments, their service offering had moved on from just Software Development capabilities –and they were now able to be true strategic partners to their customers, by helping them envision, launch and maintain their products.

In order to move from their current target to their ideal one, they wanted to be perceived as both innovative and trust-worthy, and to make their service offering crystal clear.

Along with their Marketing department and Design Managers, we crafted a brand voice and designed a visual identity that represented their growth by being mature without feeling too corporate. Bold colors and simple compositions helped them achieve clarity in their client-facing and internal communications.

Through a collaborative process we achieved a brand that was simple yet loud.

Shout out to all the people who made it possible.

Brand Strategy and Identity: Sofia Salazar
UX/UI: Carmen Alicia Coto, Danila Gallardo, Sofia Salazar, Natalia Méndez
Motion Design: Wanda Arca

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